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Hey everyone,

So I’m spending today making up a new blog for Jasmine, as I had the sub-blog or whatever and couldn’t do what I wanted with it :)

SO, my new tumblr is http://jasmineababwa.tumblr.com/

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Ladies, I won’t be able to make it to the sleepover tonight :( I’m so sorry! I baked cookies and everything, but unfortunately, father needs me tonight at a dinner with foreign dignitaries :( 

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

<3 <3

Princess Jasmine

post a picture of irl/ooc you please?

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Some girl was trying to steal my man >:P



So I was thinking I don’t really know many of the dfd girls here, and that’s way too NOT cool.

SO! My Bright idea is to go back to my tower and throw a SLEEPOVER.


None of the guys may come.

I’ve never hung out with girls before and I think this would be amaaaaaaaaazing!

It’ll be too busy in the main chat so I’ll be making a new one. and If you’d like to come girls just send me an ask or like or reblog this and I’ll send you the link.

Starts this Saturday at *pokes her bottom lip* 7pm est? Sound good?

Definitely this weekend though!

Hope to see you all there!


Sounds wonderful! I can’t wait :)

Aladdin is like summer. No class.


Well, at least I’m hot.

Fair point ;)

Wow! 113 Followers!
It&#8217;s like a dream come true! Thank you everyone :)

Wow! 113 Followers!

It’s like a dream come true! Thank you everyone :)


oh so pretty!



oh so pretty!


Tonight = DRAMA! MY Naveen is druged by some blond guy and kisses…no….MAKESOUT with a druged Aladdin……while I’m in the room……..*face palms* Lord give me strength…


…Tiana, WHAT were our boys doing tonight?!


Jasmine plopped down on her lounge with a huff. Painting these walls should be much simpler than this. She looked around her room at the half painted walls, wishing they would just up and paint themselves.

A week ago, Jasmine had decided to redecorate her room,…

Aladdin had been occupying himself with reading the seemingly never-ending amount of royal documents filled with laws and decrees that was required for him to memorize - or at least know of to an extent - as future Sultan.

Although it was lonely at times, he had gotten used to Jasmine being absent from the palace for long periods of time to go on trips with her father to neighboring kingdoms since she already had experience in all the formalities needed to represent Agrabah well. This time though, she was home and cooped up in her room most of the time. He had figured that she, too, had been catching up on her reading. But the sudden sound of clatter coming from her room changed his mind.

He tossed the papers aside and headed out of the study he was in. He rapped on her door and said, “Jasmine, are you all right?” He opened the door a crack, took a peek and discovered a half painted room and his wife covered in paint. He tried his hardest not to laugh as he pushed the rest of the door open. He walked up to her and brushed a stray lock of paint-covered hair away from her face. “Need some help?” He smirked and peeked up at her face.


Jasmine looked into Aladdin’s kind eyes, noticing the smirk on his face. I must look a complete mess

“I think that’s probably a good idea,” she said quietly, still a bit embarrassed about the whole situation. 

Aladdin smiled and reached out his hand to help her up, bringing her into a tight embrace. Jasmine relaxed into his arms, glad to have him here at her side. She let him pull her across the room and watched as he grabbed a paint brush and started painting. She smiled as Aladdin went to work, glad he was simply helping her, no questions asked, no comments. 

Picking up a paintbrush, she silently joined him. It wasn’t too long before the room actually started to come together. Feeling mischievous, Jasmine felt that Aladdin was all to clean from this hard work. Here she was covered in paint, and Aladdin hadn’t even a drop! As he knelt painting the bottom half of the wall, Jasmine snuck up behind him and held the paintbrush just behind his hear. 


*Smack* Aladdin’s face went straight into the paintbrush, leaving a big splotch of paint all across his cheek. Jasmine couldn’t help but burst out laughing at his stunned, painted, face.